Weight lifting for women | The truth

“Im going to get bulky”

“Women shouldn’t lift heavy”

“i don’t want to look like a man!”

Don’t worry ladies… you’re safe. It’s 2018 and the myths around women and weightlifting are flying hard and fast out the window.

The honest truth is that it’s virtually impossible for women (in general) to put on the same muscle bulk as men can. The reason for this, genetics. The main hormones responsible for muscle repair and growth, testosterone and growth hormone, are produced in far lower volumes in women (approximately 1/20th the amount). As a result it makes it highly difficult for women to put on the same mass without hormone intervention. That’s not to say that weight training cant hold huge benefits for the health and wellbeing of all women!

Then there are those of you who might have made the perilous trip to the weights section of the gym, but have fallen victim to the idea that you’re not allowed to lift heavier weight and need to keep it light to ‘tone’.

Muscle only grows back stronger after working against resistance and repairing itself from constant minor tears. These tears however, only occur when the muscle is repeatedly worked and this resistance is increased over time, ‘Progressive overload’. If the muscle you have built isn’t forced to work, there is no need for it to stay. Opening up a whole world of weight training that can be done by both men and women.

Meaning no more 2 hour long treadmill cardio stints in the corner of the gym…unless you’re into that, in fact studies have found that even though cardiovascular exercise can burn calories and fat while being performed, weight training actually causes continual burning of calories long after the session (up to 48 hours) as muscle fibres repair and grow back stronger.

All if this leaves no excuse for both men and women to take that next step into the realm of weight training to achieve the body and lifestyle they desire!


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