MyFitnessPal | If it fits your macros?

Calorie counting is nothing new, its been tried and tested for decades now, and sure this isn’t the most cutting edge or awe inspiring of first posts but its arguably one of the most important parts of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle!

There’s nothing complicated about calories, its really just a unit of energy, so your individual calorie intake is just the energy you need for your body to function properly throughout each day and sustain itself so it goes without saying that if you want to gain weight (build muscle) you need to be getting a slight surplus of calories and if you want to drop weight (lose fat) you’ll have have to be slightly lowering your usual calories.

A typical day of eating showing each meal and total calories

Luckily for us, keeping track of your calories is way easier than its ever been in the past thanks to pretty much all of us having smartphones that can use calorie tracking apps, probably the most well known and best of which being MyFitnessPal that has a massive database that lets you search for basically any food you can think of or failing that a bar code scanner for any store bought food. As soon as you sign up to the app it’ll work out a rough daily calorie intake for you which you can stick to for a few weeks before playing around with your daily calories to suit you and your goals!

The app also has tons of visual displays to help track your progress more easily

Aside from the overall calories the app tracks there’s also the macro-nutrients or ‘macros’ as most people call them. These are basically just your fats, proteins and carbs. Now it might seem like a lot to take in and keep track of but MyFitnessPal does all the work for you for the most part. A good ratio to start out with would be 50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat. Of course its up to you to play with these and see what makes you feel better and gives you better results but generally the idea is to keep fats low, protein high and play with your carbs depending on if you want to gain or lose weight!

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